02 February 2010

WATCH: Down To None, 69 Fingers, Shindig, American Legion

From approximately 1999 to 2001, the American Legion in Charleston was a lively all-ages venue. That was until it got too lively and people were coming to the venue not for the music but to hang out, drink, and a"cause trouble" like leave a lot of trash around, attempt to steal door money, spit on show-goers and break windows.

Until that happened, the venue was host to a number of touring bands, but in particular a lot of local-heavy shows. (At that time, a touring band had to be supported and headlined by local bands to have a turnout.) Here is three videos from a show (presumably the same one) in 1999 featuring Down To None (which was Dana White's band prior to Holden Caulfield), 69 Fingers and Shindig.

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