04 February 2010

WATCH: Fugazi live in Huntington, 2002

Yes! Yes! Yes! I've been looking for videos of Fugazi in Huntington for years, and finally someone posted some in January.
That performance, which took place on April 5, 2002 at The Stoned Monkey in Huntington, still stands as one of the best shows I've ever seen - nevertheless in West Virginia, and it comes with a great story.
The show was originally scheduled to take place in a 800-capacity closed club next door to The Stoned Money. On the day of the show with the tickets sold and Fugazi in town, the Huntington Fire Marshal said the venue was in violation of codes, and the show couldn't happen. (This may or may not have had to do with the fact that when Sheriff Don Maynard, also a local concert promoter, wanted to get his name involved with the the show, and that idea was shot that idea down immediately and for good reason.) So with no venue and only a couple hours to go until the showtime, Nathan Boggess (one of the promoters) asked the owners of The Stoned Monke if they would be willing to host the show, and despite being an 18+ bar, they agreed to it as all ages prior to their actual bar operating hours. Unfortunately, the Monkey's capacity was only about 300 and the stage was about one foot tall.
More than 500 people from all over the region were crowded into The Stoned Monkey that night, and Fugazi played for more than two hours (including three encores if I remember correctly). Here is some footage.

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