11 January 2011

DOWNLOAD: Carrion - Baptized By Fire

During my tenure in the West Virginia music scene, I had the pleasure of booking some truly excellent bands. The band Carrion may not have been from West Virginia - they hailed from the Washington, D.C. area - they stand out as one of my favorite bands that I booked while living in the state. Carrion was short-lived and never received the exposure the band deserved, and they were always friendly guys. So I wanted to include them on this blog.

Nick Skrobisz (now of D.C./Baltimore's The Wayward) is the incredible guitar player and vocalist who lead this powerful trio that played a progressive blend of doom metal and post-punk. The grimy match-rock rhythms with sludgy undertones played with technical preciseness makes Carrion sound like the love child of The Jesus Lizard, Fugazi and Mastodon. The four -song EP Baptized By Fire, recorded in 2002, is a mere introduction to the quality of Carrion's musicianship and creativity, which reached its peak on its 2003 full-length album that I will post tomorrow.

Artist: Carrion
Album: Baptized By Fire
Year: 2002
For Fans Of: The Jesus Lizard, Fugazi, Mastodon

**Note: The digital transfer of this well-listened-to CD has a few scratched moments. Apologies. I hope to fix in the future, but the disc is in my parents' basement 1,400 miles away.

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