26 January 2011

WATCH: Converge at Krazy Fest 2001

Converge is an all right band, but they are not the reason I am posting this video. The reason this video of a performance from the 2001 Krazy Fest in Louisville, Kentucky, is on here is because of the confused young lad wearing a flipped-bill hat at the bottom left of the screen. Yeah, that's the then 20-year-old author of this blog along with my good friend Eric (with a shaved head nonetheless) watching one of his then-favorite bands.

I first attended Krazy Fest, hosted by Louisville-based Initial Records, in its second year in 1999 to see bands like Braid, Snapcase, Silent Majority, Elliot and Sick of It All. I returned the next two years to catch the likes of One King Down and Grade in 2000, and best of all Hot Water Music, Avail, Alkaline Trio, and Planes Mistaken For Stars in 2001. The festival was always a fun weekend with friends, many of which continued to attend until the event's final year in 2003.

After an eight-year hiatu, it was announced that Krazy Fest would be back this May. I'm sure many of my old hardcore/punk scene friends are quite excited, and I too think it has the potential to be a good time - hoping that it serves as a reunion of sorts for bands of the late '90s early '00s-era Louisville. So far on the bill are some bands I'd be excited to see: Samiam, By the Grace of God, Bouncing Souls, Chamberlain; and bands I'm not excited about: Bane, Anti-Flag. I only hope to see on the bill old Louisville or Initial bands like Elliot (maybe even Falling Forward), Slint, Rodan, Enkindel, Silent Majority or The National Acrobat. It is not likely I will, but one can hope. Nevertheless, I enjoy this random documentation of my embarrassing young.

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