25 January 2011

DOWNLOAD: The Dick Brothers - The Dick Brothers

In their own words: "The Dick Brothers is a collaboration betwixt two native West Virginian singer-songwriter brothers, Michael Iafrate (The Minus Tide, M Iafrate & The Priesthood) and Andrew Iafrate. Powerful artists in their own right, the Iafrates, under this charming moniker, have made numerous live appearances on conventional stages and at Christmas party sing-alongs. Before migrating to homes away from their Appalachian birthplace in the summer of 2006, The Dick Brothers teamed up for a whiskey-soaked recording session which resulted in a 10-track record. The self-titled album was recorded in three hours time to one track through one microphone in a basement in [the brothers' hometown of] Parkersburg, and is made up of four original instrumentals and six bluegrassy/ol’ timey cover songs penned by the likes of Hazel Dickens, The Stanley Brothers, and Gillian Welch. The result is a beautiful tribute to the brothers' home state, 'the nearest thing to heaven that they know.' "

Artist: The Dick Brothers
Album: The Dick Brothers
Year: 2006
For Fans Of: Bonnie Prince Billy, Magnolia Electric Co., M Ward

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