10 December 2010

DOWNLOAD: Down Goes Frazier - Discography 2003 to 2004

A love for booze and punk music is what brought together this Huntington band, which features ex-members of Holden Caulfield, Out of Nowhere and The Shift. With a shared love for bands like Hot Water Music, Alkaline Trio and Avail, the quartet (now playing as a trio) formed in the early 2000s to make music that represented what they to listened to. What came of it was heavy, fast and aggressive post-hardcore punk rock that at times is melodically inclined.

Like band favorite Hot Water Music, Down Goes Frazier featured dual gravel-coated vocals from its guitarists, but the musical comparison is not so simple. Nick Adkins's technical guitar skills and songwriting ring of Silent Majority but his roaring vocals are more Planes Mistaken For Stars. Ryan McCullough's songwriting and vocals bring to mind Leatherface or American Steel's "Rogue's March".

On this download are Down Goes Frazier's first two demos - 2003's Self-Titled and 2004's "Blue Ribbon High Life." While the style doesn't change much between the separate recordings, the quality of songwriting matures as the band recognizes its intentions. The music is bittersweet, the lyrical content is the normal for a band of its genre - relationship difficulties, friends and family - but the words are as clever as the song titles, and easy to see along with.

Having toured minimally around the midwest, Down Goes Frazier never quite picked up the steam they could have with a lot of musical talent and arsenal of quality songs. In 2009, Ryan McCullough left the band to be a college professor, while the three other members have continued performing. They're a band that has not gotten enough attention outside the bar-venue scene of Huntington, so it is about time people here these recordings.

Artist: Down Goes Frazier
Album: Discography 2003 to 2004
Year: 2003 to 2004
For Fans Of: Hot Water Music, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Silent Majority

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