20 December 2010

DOWNLOAD: Chum - Dead to the World

About a year ago, I posted the 1994 EPs from this Huntington's Chum. Dead to the World is the 1996 full-length album from one of West Virginia's best and most successful (by getting signed standards) heavy bands. After releasing the EPs, Chum went on tour and found themselves on stage at CBGG's in New York City, where they were discovered and signed by Century Media Records. This is the excellent album the band produced for for the label. Despite the quality of Dead to the World, the success - and Chum's career - was short-lived after it was dropped by Century Media, but not before receiving plenty of critical praise and comparisons to King's X, Helmet and Quicksand. One critic wrote of Dead to the World:
"The amalgamation of harmonic bliss and chaotic guitar riffs sets this band ahead of the pack with a triumphant bit of genuinely open and sure-fire songwriting. No sooner than the first track "Stepping On Cracks" begins do we feel the intensity that Chum are willing to reveal to us through their music - and it only gets heavier."
The members of Chum including band leader John Lancaster went on to play in other bands and solo projects, but nothing quite lived up to the legendary status Chum established for itself in and around Huntington. In 2004, the band's principal line-up lead by Lancaster reunited in for sporadic performances, but nothing permanent.

Artist: Chum
Album: Dead to the World
Year: 1996
For Fans Of: King's X, Helmet, Quicksand

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