17 December 2010

WATCH: Hatebreed live in Huntington, 2003

I will admit, not since I was 19 have I really been a fan of Hatebreed, but they have continued write some of the most straight forward, heavy, angry, metallic hardcore, and it has brought them deserved success. Despite the band's success they always made time to come through Huntington, and play DIY venues much smaller than places they could be playing. I have always respected that loyalty to their fans. Though they like to look quite tough (and they probably are), Jamey Jasta and his band are stand up guys whose hearts are in the right place when it comes to hardcore. Hatebreed puts everything they have into every show, and though their albums haven't made it into my playlist since I was a teenager, their shows in Huntington were always a fun time to run in circles and jump on top of people. Here are some videos of one of Hatebreed's many shows in Huntington - this particular one in 2003 at the YWCA - a consistent venue for the band.

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