08 December 2010

WATCH: Karma To Burn - "20"

Having formed in the mid-90s, Karma to Burn went on a bit of a hiatus throughout the 2000s reuniting in 2009. The hard-working band from Morgantown right into touring heavily in the U.S. and Europe easily winning back old fans and picking up plenty of new ones along the way. In 2009, the revered instrumental stoner metal trio (recently joined on guitar by Dan Davies, son of The Kinks' Dave Davies) began work on its newest album Appalachian Incantation, which was produced by former Kyuss bassist Scott Reeder. Now touring on the new album, Karma To Burn is playing all around the country with the Austin metal group The Sword.

Though the song below - a re-recording of "20" from 1999's Wild Wonderful Purgatory - is not from the new album, it is on the accompanying "Cat Got Our Tongue" bonus disc and one of the band's finest. Good to see one of West Virginia's best back at it and better than ever.

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