15 December 2010

DOWNLOAD: The Red Carpet Bombers - The Red Carpet Bombers

This is a continuation of contributions from a reader. The contributions include a number of rare, out-of-print or unreleased material from bands from around the state from the early '90s to '00s. I will be posting those records over the next couple weeks. Unfortunately, I don't know much about some of the bands so I won't have anything to say, so I have to rely on short write-ups by the contributor. The help with adding new material to the blog is always welcome and much appreciated. So thank you and keep them coming. Enjoy. If you would like to contribute, just contact me at srrblog@gmail.com.

"Featuring Kevin Allison (Bacon Hat, Milk of Napalm) and Brian Myers (Chum, The Gasoline Angels) amongst its ranks, this short-lived Huntington band released this lone album and appeared on the Loud & Local Stage at X-Fest 2004 before disappearing from the scene completely." For more on the back, click here.

Artist: The Red Carpet Bombers

Album: The Red Carpet Bombers

Year of release: 2004

For fans of: Backyard Babies, Danko Jones, Turbonegro

DOWNLOAD: The Red Carpet Bombers - The Red Carpet Bombers

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