07 February 2012

DOWNLOAD: Librarians - Alright Easy Candy Stranger

When I asked the guys from Librarians a while back if I could post this album, they were a little embarrassed. They've seemingly put this 2006 album them, but I don't see what the problem is. Though a bit dated and certainly not as mature as 2010's Present Passed, this album has some good moments. Alright Easy Candy Stranger is electronic indie dance rock that brings to mind Les Savy Fav, Joy Division or Franz Ferdinand. Recently, Librarians' Ryan Hizer has been doing Good Sport, a "lazy, lo-fi, electronic" (according to their Bandcamp tags) project that is quite good. But if you want to know what Hizer was up to six years ago, whether he wants you to or not, here it is.

Artist: Librarians
Album: Alright Easy Candy Stranger
Year: 2006
For fans of: Les Savy Fav, Franz Ferdinand, Killers

DOWNLOAD: Librarians - Alright Easy Candy Stranger

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