02 February 2012

WATCH: WWF introduces Earthquake as "John" from West Virginia

In 1989 at a WWF even in Wheeling, the Ultimate Warrior and Dino Bravo participated in a push-up contest. To show off Bravo's strength, Jimmy Hart picked a random audience member to sit on Bravo's back. The 460-pound man introduced himself as "John," and said he was from West Virginia. John Tenta, who was actually from Canada, eventually became known as Earthquake, and wrestled in the WWF for 5 years. In fact, I saw Bravo and Earthquake take on Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior in a tag-team in Wheeling the next year. Yeah, I loved wrestling, and never forgot seeing this clip when I was a 8 years old, and how excited I was to hear "John" say he was from state.

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  1. Speaking of late 80's WWF, Big Bully Busick was from Weirton, yet did nothing really notable.