03 February 2012

LISTEN: Living Saints - Living Saints

I've known Living Saints' main man Cody Lynch for many years since his days in the skate punk trio Feet First. He then played in Down Goes Frazier before doing his solo project Wine & Water. I have a lot of talented friends, but I've always admired Lynch's work ethic and ambition. In 2011, he formed Living Saints, what I believe is the first full-time full band he has fronted. With Living Saints, Lynch's hard work seems to be paying off with what is his most creative and professional musical outing yet. Living Saints blends many of Lynch's influences including Leatherface, Austin Lucas or Dinosaur Jr., making for some enjoyably catchy folk punk rock and roll. The production of this record isn't top quality (a demo recording in a living room), but I've certainly given it a number of listens. I hope the band can get into the studio soon, as I'm excited to see what is to come from this pretty promising group from Huntington.

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