23 February 2012

DOWNLOAD: The Monkey Knife Fights - The Sound Of a Certain Urgency

When I asked Monkey Knife Fights singer/guitarist Travis, what were his bands influences, he responded, "Not sure, something like melodic thrash." That could give you the wrong idea, but it's somewhat accurate. While frequent moments of fast guitar picking could hint at D.R.I. or Motörhead, it is the poppy but still in-your-face melodies ring of bands like Descendants, Minutemen or Sugar. The music from this Morgantown band is intense but playful and the lyrics are provocative. A highlight for me is the album's second track - "This is Where Words Get Serious." It is straight forward and fast; double bass driving forward its ferocity, but with an underlying melody from the guitars and dual vocals making its sound layered and similar to that of Hot Water Music. Best of all on this album, which was released in 2006, is the overt West Virginia pride with songs like "Almost Heaven, Drunk as Fuck" and "Appalachian Rage." Despite an old band of mine playing with MKF in 2004 at one of the first HYAMP shows, I hadn't heard the band much over the last eight years. (I blame that on living outside the state.) This is one of those album I'm glad this blog has put on my lap.

Artist: The Monkey Knife Fights
Album: The Sound Of a Certain Urgency
Year: 2006
For fans of: Minutemen, Descendants, D.R.I.

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