01 February 2012

DOWNLOAD: The Union Deposit Road - Tapes

Union Deposit Road is a band I found about via a now-defunct page about Wheeling hardcore. From what I can gather, the UDR existed from 1994 to 1998 in Fredericksburg, Virginia, featuring members from Wheeling. This collection includes songs from the band's tapes including "American Rock Classic." UDR followed in the path set by bands like Lincoln and Hoover using the loud-soft dynamic mixed with sing-scream vocals. A WMWC staffer wrote of the band in 1997, "Intense, passionate, balancing that tenuous line between euphoria and rage. In my opinion."

Artist: The Union Road
Album: Tapes
Year: 1997-1998
For Fans Of: Lincoln, Hoover, Jawbox

DOWNLOAD: The Union Deposit Road - Tapes


  1. yes!! I was the bass player in the band! we all moved from Wheeling to Fredericksburg in 1995. fun times. I moved back home to Wheeling in 99. Greg moved back in 96. Corey and Patrick stayed in Northern Virginia.

  2. i saw the udr perform at a place called the 'el tor grotto' back in the early 90s. i was totally floored. i begged and bribed my friend's older sister to drive us to the next show, (she obliged, to her chagrin,) and the next show, and the one after that, (she refused.) throughout the following months i managed to get a copy of 'one for the money' which had 'junky,' 'fly further into the light' and 'carbondale, il. i listened to that tape until it broke. i got my first guitar that winter and taught myself to play. to this day, 'junky' is still my warm-up song.