02 August 2011

DOWNLOAD: Dirt Bear - We Hate It

Here is We Hate It, the second of the Dirt Bear demo tapes. The fourteen tracks were also recorded in 1994 following We Love It. Like all of the Dirt Bear releases, and much of the music coming out of Charleston in the '90s, it was recorded by Scott Robinson and put out by the guys' own Cave Records. According to drummer Brian Pauley (pictured above on the album cover I made):
"All three of [the] demos were recorded on an analog 4-track recorder by Scott Robinson. Drums were mic'd up thru the mixing board and then fed into one track. The guitar amp was mic'd up and became a separate track, and then the bass was done the same way on a third track. Scott then bounced those three tracks down to one track, thus opening up three more tracks. So ultimately, we had seven tracks to work with. Once the music was bounced to one, that allowed each vocal to have a separate track and then an open track for any other extra thing we wanted to add. Be it guitar solo or whatever. And the thing with the 4-track recordings was that the music was done live. If one of us screwed up, we had to completely start the song over. The fact that it was analog and the fact that we were just learning how to operate the damn 4-track... it just sucked."
We Hate It, though not quite as excellent as We Love It, picks up where the first demo left off. It is sleazy and fiery - like Killdozer playing pop punk. (Listen to Killdozer if you don't.) Again, thanks to Brian Jarrett for the photograph for the cover. Sorry, Pauley.

Artist: Dirt Bear
Album: We Hate It
Year: 1994
For fans of: The Jesus Lizard, Butthole Surfers, Killdozer

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