08 August 2011

DOWNLOAD: Sam Black Church - Let In Life

Sam Black Church was a moderately successful band from Boston in the mid to late-'90s. Playing an original blend of metal, hardcore, thrash and even elements of jazz, the band's multifarious style allowed them to share bills with a diversity of acts such as Bad Brains, Cro-Mags, Motörhead, Clutch and Helmet. The band put out three records on Boston's Taang! Records (Gang Green, Mighty Might Bosstones, Lemonheads) and a pair of other releases. But Sam Black Church was probably best known for their wild, energetic live shows - vocalist Jet's aerial acrobats and epic leaps into the crowd from atop stage speakers earned the band a reputation.
So why am I writing about a band from Boston on this blog? Because the group's core members Jet, guitarist Ben and drummer J.R. were all from Greenbrier County, West Virginia, before moving to Boston for college and forming the band, which is named after a small town in their home county. They were soon playing shows with Slapshot and Wrecking Crew before recording their first demo. Let In Life, SBC's first full-length, was releaed on Taang! in 1993, and though not the best recording quality, does well to represent the band's unique brand of dynamic metalcore that is quite underrated and also unknown to many West Virginia music fans nowadays.
Artist: Sam Black Church
Album: Let In Life
Year: 1993
For fans of: Bad Brains, Helmet, Motörhead

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  1. You are the best there is. Been looking for this for too long. A million thanks!