10 August 2011

DOWNLOAD: Sam Black Church - Unincorporated

Unincorporated was the first 7" from Sam Black Church. Originally released in 1989, it was re-released with some additional tracks in 1999 by Wonderdrug Records. The original four-song 7" featured demo versions of "Big Barbecue" and "Captatin of the World" which both appear on later albums as they're the band's most standout tracks. The difference between Unincorporated and later recordings is on this album, Sam Black Church sound particularly by Bad Brains, but replace the reggae undertone with a heavy metal overtone. It is Jet's vocals, on these recordings especially, that echo H.R.'s hyper, fast-talking style on I Against I until Jet lets out a guttural roar to remind you of SBC's unique formula. The early pressings of this 7" are a gem among the hardcore-metal scene in the northeast, and there is a reason, it is brilliant. In no way to slight any of SBC's later material, in which they further discovered their own style, but this is my favorite material. It combines the finer elements of punk-hardcore bands like Bad Brains, Cro-Mags and Gang Green and throws in some speed metal. And not to forget their Appalachian roots in Greenbrier County - hence the album cover - which makes it all that much better.
Artist: Sam Black Church
Album: Unincorporated
Year: 1989/1999
For fans of: Bad Brains, Cro-Mags, Motörhead

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