17 August 2011

DOWNLOAD: My 5 favorite albums with less than 30 downloads

This blog is nearly two years old, and in that time I've posted about 100 records that are available for free. Some of those records have been downloaded almost 400 times (Hasil Adkins's Peanut Butter Rock and Roll) while others have been only been received 12 hits. Some of those rarely accessed albums are ones I truly love, and it disappoints me that more people have not heard them, which was part of the goal of this blog.
I am giving some of these records a second chance. These five demos, full-lengths or discographies are my favorites that have been downloaded less than 30 times, which frankly needs to be a lot more. So here are some haikus to try to convince you to put these tunes in your digital collection.

Redneck boys from Boone
In vein of At the Drive In
Christian sure can shred

Big guitars play emo
Think Journey as indie rock
Broke up way too soon

As thick as gravy
Lighthearted death metal punk
Changed my fucking life

Iafrate bros
Listen to Hazel Dickens
Play great folk music

Nineties hardcore lives
Hard style like Biohazard
Ethan Mania

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