09 August 2011

WATCH: Sam Black Church live in Boston, 1997

Sam Black Church is one of those bands that I never got to see before the broke up that I really wish I could have. Though they are from Boston, they break from the mold of angry Beantown bands like Wrecking Crew, Blood For Blood and other bands with which they shared the stage. On stage, Jet is like a cheerleader - always with a smile on his face, he never quits moving and firing up the audience by clapping, waving and leaping. (His stage mannerisms are an obvious influence on Holden Caulfield's Dana White, who introduced me to the band in the mid-'90s.) And like one of my favorite bands Guided By Voices, the band's songs seem to come to life on stage compared to the soft-spoken versions on record. I believe these guys were in the Charleston-Huntington area in the around 1996 with Tree, and I regret not being there.
Anyway, here are a couple videos from the SBC's 10th Anniversary show in Boston. Opening for the band were Gang Green, Blood for Blood, Karma to Burn and others, which shows the respect that the scene had for these guys. In 2007, when SBC reunited for a 20th Anniversary performance, it was Madball who opened.

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