11 August 2011

DOWNLOAD: Sam Black Church - Boston EP

If you've listened to Let In Life, you've heard half the songs on this EP - "Infernal Machine" and "Big Barbecue." The self-titled EP came out on Taang! in 1994, just before Let In Life, but I honestly believe it is better production than the full-length. The highlight of the album is Sam Black Church's cover of "Disco Inferno," which they seamlessly move into at the end of "Big Barbecue." As corny as it could be, somehow it works. And understanding the time and place of the scene of which they were a part, I respect this band for never taking themselves too seriously.
Artist: Sam Black Church
Album: Boston EP
Year: 1994
For fans of: Bad Brains, Cro-Mags, Clutch
DOWNLOAD: Sam Black Church - Boston EP*
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