12 August 2011

DOWNLOAD: Sam Black Church - Superchrist

Today is actually the first time I've ever listened to Superchrist, Sam Black Church's final release on Taang! Though it was released in 1995, around the time I got into the band, my CD collection never grew past Let In Life and Boston LP. On Superchrist, SBC make its most drastic move away from sounding like Bad Brains and more into the vein of Clutch or other more alternative metal bands, which a lot of Boston bands were doing at the time (i.e. 454 Big Block, Tree). It's not my favorite material by the band, but it's still SBC and it's still listentable, especially for fans of bands like Clutch, Helmet or Rollins Band.
Artist: Sam Black Church
Album: Superchirst
Year: 1995
For fans of: Clutch, Helmet, Rollins Band

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